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Investing in a Water Heater

Approximately 15% of your home’s energy budget is dedicated to heating water.
Fortunately, depending on your family’s needs, priorities and budget, there are a variety
of options to choose from.

One question we often hear is: tankless vs traditional tank?

Tankless VS. Traditional Tank


Energy savings depending on water usageHigher maintenance/
installation costs
Space savingWater treatment is often required
No storage of hot waterIt takes longer to get hot water to your taps
No limit to hot water availability

Traditional Tank

Lower initial installation
Often less energy efficient
Simpler TechnologyCan take up more space
It can be quicker to get hot water to your tapsLimited hot water availability
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Why Rinnai, John Wood and

When it comes to water heaters, we depend on three brands based
on their quality and ability to address a variety of common needs.

Industry-leading tankless options.
A good option for shorter/confined spaces.

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