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Heat pumps are incredibly efficient and affordable.

A ductless heat pump – or mini split – can heat and cool your home without ductwork. Fujitsu mini splits have earned the “most efficient” rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the minimum standard.

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Benefits of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs)

As the leader in ductless heat pump and cooling systems, Fujitsu has more than 40 years experience in developing HVAC systems. All of Fujitsu’s products are backed by their state-of-the-art testing technology. Fujitsu’s heat pump production processes are so advanced that 99.99% of Fujitsu systems are manufacturer defect-free upon installation!

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Gas-burning equipment starts at 96% efficient while Fujitsu heat pumps are 300-400% efficient. Fujitsu mini splits have earned the Most Efficient rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the minimum standard.

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Aside from not requiring ductwork, a major advantage to ductless HVAC is that the units are a 2-in-1 solution. They provide both heating and cooling, which is a refreshing change from traditional furnaces and air conditioners!

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Enjoy lower monthly utility bills while driving value in your home. The superior energy efficiency and climate control of a ductless system is an incredibly valuable selling point. Homes with A/C also typically sell for more than homes without it.

Heat Pump Tips & FAQs

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Based on 78 reviews
Scott Hurford
Scott Hurford
Sauve’s responded quickly to our request for help moving from oil/AC to a heat pump. He arrived for the meeting with information on how they work and perform in our Canadian winters. He also had the information I needed to apply for the Greener Homes Initiative and the available interest free loan. Ben gave us what we needed to get the job done, and in a timely matter. If you’re looking for quality, caring, and professionalism, I recommend giving Ben at Sauve’s a call.
Mike Bos
Mike Bos
I worked with Ben to find options for a heat pump system in our home. It ultimately did not work out due to the design in our house but through the whole process, Ben was very responsive, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me find a solution that would work for me and my needs and not just trying to sell their system if it didn't make sense. I would recommend Ben due to his honesty and knowledge!
Lucy De Andrade
Lucy De Andrade
Ben and his team did a wonderful job. They installed a new furnace and some ducts. The whole team was friendly, professional and very courteous. We would gladly have them back for future work required on our systems. Highly recommended.
Jean Lemieux
Jean Lemieux
If you have a problem, these folks will go out of their way to sort it out. Outstanding service!
Amy C
Amy C
Kemptville is a small town. And in small towns, it’s so important to support local businesses. I know first hand, as I’m a local licensed mortgage agent. My business has been built on a high level of customer satisfaction and referrals. Last night, my furnace stopped working. I looked up local options in a Facebook group and came across Sauve Heating & Air Conditioning, which was highly recommended by many group members. I’m so thankful I gave them a call. Their team has been absolutely incredible: the owner, Ben, Jordan who was dispatching calls and most importantly, Matthew the technician who came to our home not once, but twice to solve the problem. Matthew is nothing short of a rock star, and on top of that, a pleasant and friendly person. They are knowledge me, responsive, on time and they truly care. If you need anything for your home HVAC system, I honestly cannot recommend Sauve enough.
Recently had the installation of a new furnace/AC unit by Sauve Heating & Air Conditioning. The Owner Ben and Service Team were Professional, respectful, efficient, kept the work area clean, and informative. Would recommend them to others. Thank you to the Owner, Service team & Admin staff!
Kim Melanson
Kim Melanson
Always a pleasure dealing with Sauves. Professional, trustworthy and friendly. Will always be our go to for our heating and cooling needs.
Joel Chrysler
Joel Chrysler
Our water heater broke down on Christmas holiday and they were able to remove and instal a new one the next day. It only took them a few hours to completely finish the job. They are a dependable and professional company

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