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Heat pumps are incredibly efficient and affordable.

A ductless heat pump – or mini split – can heat and cool your home without ductwork. Fujitsu mini splits have earned the “most efficient” rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the minimum standard.

Ductless Heat Pump

Popular Ductless Heat Pump & Mini Split Systems

As the leader in ductless heat pump and cooling systems (also known as mini splits), Fujitsu has more than 40 years experience in developing HVAC systems. All of Fujitsu’s products are backed by their state-of-the-art testing technology. Fujitsu’s heat pump production processes are so advanced that 99.99% of Fujitsu systems are manufacturer defect-free upon installation!

Fujitsu Airstage Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split

Fujitsu Airstage Single Zone Ductless Mini Split

  • Zones: 1
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 33.1 SEER
  • Model Number: Indoor Unit: ASUG12LZBS Outdoor Unit: AOUG12LZAH1
  • Cooling: 12,000 BTU/h
  • Heating: 16,000 BTU/h
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Fujitsu Airstage Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split

Fujitsu Airstage Multi Zone Ductless Mini Split

  • Zones: 2 to 4
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 33.1 SEER
  • Model Number: Indoor Unit: see popular options below Outdoor Unit: AOU36RLXFZH
  • Cooling: 35,200 BTU/h
  • Heating: 36,400 BTU/h
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Fujitsu Whole Home Air Handler Heat Pump System

Fujitsu Airstage Whole Home Air Handler Heat Pump System

  • Zones: Whole Home
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 17.3 SEER
  • Model Number: Indoor Unit: AMUG36LMAS Outdoor Unit: AOUH36LMAH1
  • Cooling: 33,000 BTU/h
  • Heating: 38,000 BTU/h
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Popular Indoor Unit Models

Fujitsu Airstage Wall Mounted Indoor Units

Fujitsu Airstage Wall Mounted Units

  • Temperature Range: Down to -27°C
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 33.1 SEER
  • Model Numbers: LZAH1 Series
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Fujitsu Airstage Floor Mounted Indoor Units

Fujitsu Airstage Floor Mounted Units

  • Temperature Range: Down to -15°C
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 26 SEER
  • Model Numbers: RLFFH Series
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Fujitsu Airstage Slim Duct Indoor Units

Fujitsu Airstage Slim Duct Units

  • Temperature Range: Down to -15°C
  • Efficiency Range: Up to 21.5 SEER
  • Model Numbers: LUAS1 Series
  • Warranties: 12-year compressor, 12-year parts

Benefits of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs)

Eco Home HVAC


Gas-burning equipment starts at 96% efficient while Fujitsu heat pumps are 300-400% efficient. Fujitsu mini splits have earned the Most Efficient rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the minimum standard.

All In One Heating And Cooling


Aside from not requiring ductwork, a major advantage to ductless HVAC is that the units are a 2-in-1 solution. They provide both heating and cooling, which is a refreshing change from traditional furnaces and air conditioners!

HVAC Energy Savings


Enjoy lower monthly utility bills while driving value in your home. The superior energy efficiency and climate control of a ductless system is an incredibly valuable selling point. Homes with A/C also typically sell for more than homes without it.

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Based on 83 reviews
Ryan Clancy
Ryan Clancy
Ben Sauve and his team replaced my old a/c and propane furnace with a new heat pump system. Ben was great throughout the initial consultation & quotation right through to completing the installation. Our heat pump has been running in cooling mode for a week now and it's great! Very quiet compared to a traditional a/c. This system wasn't cheap but Sauve's price was competitive with other quotes and his service was superior.
Dianne Gillissie
Dianne Gillissie
I had a very positive experience with Sauve Heating. They installed my heat pump system last week and everything went very well. Ben, Matt and Jordan explained everything they were doing as they went along and always asked if I had any questions. The work was done efficiently, cleanly and on time They cleaned up after themselves and didn't leave any mess or garbage behind. They were always friendly and courteous. Jordan explained how the system works and made sure I knew how to operate it before he left. I would recommend Sauve Heating to anyone needing a heating system.
Nicole Mantle
Nicole Mantle
I would recommend Sauve heating and air conditioning to anyone who needs this service. They are very friendly, professional and ready to help right away. When I called them and told them my situation they came out the same day to help me. I will definitely be calling them again. I strongly recommend them!
Paul Folusewych
Paul Folusewych
I recently had Ben Sauve review and quote on a new Fujitsu Heat pump and electric water tank. Ben walked my wife and myself through the quote process ( which includes 12 years parts and labour, 3 free air filters) and any grants or interest free government loans available. This was very helpful in making my decision on moving forward with the project as it saved me $5K on the purchase price through the greener homes grant. The second piece was the government program that I applied for of a 10 year interest free loan which I had no idea existed. Ben provided links to me which made it simple to look up and I was approved for the loan within 2 weeks. ( Hard to believe something from the feds worked so quickly) I placed the order and the icing on the cake was Fujitsu had a $1 rebate for systems installed before end of June. Talk about squeaking it in! I got the call to set the install date once the hardware had arrived. On the day of the install the crew arrived. It was amazing to see how quickly they removed the old propane furnace and water tank,all propane lines, old A/C unit ( A/C unit was no longer required as Heat Pump also does A/C in the summer). All holes were patched and sealed. This also eliminated the need for a 4" fresh air pipe for the old Propane furnace which saves on some heating and cooling. The new unit was installed and I even got Ben to leave a little blood behind on my floor as he cut himself during the install. Just so there was real blood ,sweat and tears during the install! No extra charge for that! The install was super clean and neat. Looked way better than the old furnace. They fired up the unit and tested it. It really showed how poor my old A/C unit was performing as the house got cold quickly. It will be strange not adjusting the thermostat but I can get used to it in a hurry. They gave us a low down in how to work it. They moved the old furnace and water tank to the garage as I sold the old furnace and the water tank was a rental. So pickup of that equipment is easy for the people picking up. All the other garbage and old A/C unit was removed and the place was left clean. I also had a call from the Electrical contractor to schedule the ESA inspection. All completed within the day of the install. The true test will be in the colder months to see what the difference is in the heating and electric bill versus the Crazy Propane bill. Thanks Ben and crew for such a great experience
Steve “WestgloW”
Steve “WestgloW”
Ben and his team from Sauve Heating were professional, quick and friendly. Ben especially took time to explain the options to me and he definitely cares about what your needs are and how to meet them. I would recommend them to anyone looking at hvac replacement. Thanks again guys
Rand David
Rand David
We had a heat pump installed by Sauve. Prior to installation, Ben to the time to give us a thorough breakdown of how the system functioned. The removal of our old system and the new install went off without a hitch. Everyone from the office staff to the 2 HVAC Techs was a pleasure to deal with. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks guys.
Scott Hurford
Scott Hurford
Sauve’s responded quickly to our request for help moving from oil/AC to a heat pump. He arrived for the meeting with information on how they work and perform in our Canadian winters. He also had the information I needed to apply for the Greener Homes Initiative and the available interest free loan. Ben gave us what we needed to get the job done, and in a timely matter. If you’re looking for quality, caring, and professionalism, I recommend giving Ben at Sauve’s a call.
Mike Bos
Mike Bos
I worked with Ben to find options for a heat pump system in our home. It ultimately did not work out due to the design in our house but through the whole process, Ben was very responsive, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me find a solution that would work for me and my needs and not just trying to sell their system if it didn't make sense. I would recommend Ben due to his honesty and knowledge!

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